Made In East County

Mission:  mec-logo

To showcase, support and strengthen the vibrant manufacturing industry in San Diego’s East County and demonstrate its manufacturing collective contribution to the San Diego regional economy through community awareness and workforce development programs.


  1. Bring awareness to the public of the manufacturers currently operating in East County and their impact on the regional economy.
  2. Showcase job opportunities, training programs and career paths available in the manufacturing industry to the current and future   workforce.
  3. Generate a stronger sense of respect and pride in the community for the local manufacturers.
  4. Create a pipeline of skilled workers using collaborations between the manufacturing industry and education sectors in East County via Career Technical Education (CTE) programs.
  5. Cultivate an inviting environment for other manufacturers to choose East County as their choice for future growth.

To find out how to get involved contact:

Quentin Sanders via email or phone (619)258-3670