Workforce Assistance

The East County EDC works closely with the East County Career Center (funded by the San Diego Workforce Partnership) to give East County companies assistance in hiring employees, training, layoff aversion strategies, and providing resources to those conducting lay-offs. Services available include:


• Recruitment: The East County Career Center will post job openings and prescreen candidates according to your requirements.

• On-the-Job Training: Based on funding availability, the East County Career Center (with funding from the San Diego Workforce Partnership) can help companies train employees. Employers can access On-the-Job Training dollars and be reimbursed for up to 50% of employees wages/salaries earned by eligible employees during their training period.

• Customized Training Programs: Employers looking to grow their workforce may be eligible for Customized Training dollars. This program can fund up to 50% of the employer’s training costs to train new employees. To become eligible, simply ensure that the training is directly relevant to your business and in an occupation that is in regional demand.

Contact Marian Kubota ( or call (619) 590-3917) or Susan Roberts ( or call (619) 590-3938) at the East County Career Center for any of the services listed above.


Assistance in devising/overseeing preemptive strategies to avert dislocations via layoff aversions, including:

• Reduced work week, furlough, wage reduction and other payroll cost reduction strategies
• Work Share Program where EDD arranges partial unemployment benefits for employees that have been furloughed or have reduced hours/wages to avert outright layoffs
• Other cost reduction strategies in manufacturing processes, distribution, vendor relationships, etc. that can decrease overall expenses and may avert layoffs
• Licensing core technologies to another company that can hire at-risk workers
• Option for a company or group, including the workers, to purchase the plant or company and continue its operation
• Incumbent worker training, and linkages to upgrade worker skills, make company more productive/competitive
• Linkages with economic development activities at the federal, state, and local levels:

— Federal Department of Commerce
— Trade Adjustment Programs for companies adversely affected by import,
— Manufacturing Extension Partnerships (MEPs) for productivity improvements
— Department of Defense contracting opportunities
— Available state and local business retention and recruitment activities including those available from regional Small Business Development Centers


Special presentations can be provided to employees, at no-cost, on what to do before, during and after a layoff. These presentations include a representative from the East County Career Center and information/assistance from the Employment Development Department (EDD) advising employees how to file for unemployment insurance and answering any questions.


For information or questions on any of the topics above please contact the David Espley at the East County Economic Development Council at or (619) 258-3670.