America’s VOICe

AmVoice_Logo is pleased to announce that we have partnered with America’s Voice to include companies in the Community VizSpace.

What is America’s Voice?

America’s Voice is a new e-marketplace developed exclusively for America’s top industrial buyers, suppliers, and service providers, using advanced internet search and networking technology to connect members with industry resources and opportunities. Department of Defense (DoD) RFPs are automatically matched to manufacturers that are a part of America’s VOICe. The DOD buyer’s requirements are matched to the seller’s capabilities. Each qualified opportunity is delivered to a manufacturer’s inbox.

Through America’s VOICe, DoD buyers are able to quickly identify manufacturers that can fulfill challenging part requests. DoD buyers can also take advantage of America’s VOICe’s unique shape-search technology. With this patented technology, a simple doodle (freehand sketch), 2D drawing, 3D CAD model, or photo can be used as search input to identify qualified manufacturers.

Members of are invited to join America’s Voice for FREE!

Should I register for Connectory or America’s Voice?

Register for both! and America’s Voice each have different users and opportunities. By registering for both you will ensure that companies searching the Connectory will find your business, and opportunities matching your capabilities will be sent to you through America’s Voice network. Besides, both of these resources are available at no-cost to your company!

Where do I register?

To register for Connectory click here.

To register for America’s Voice click here.

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