Business Center

The  following are a list of resources available for East County companies.

Connectory® is high quality database that details company capabilities and capacities at every level of the supply chain.  This is a project of the East County EDC and is no-cost to be listed or to search. Companies and agencies that are increasingly using the Connectory to locate businesses with specific manufacturing capabilities and capacity are benefiting from its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Industry Resources such as America’s Voice, San Diego PTAC, Cuyamaca Community Environmental Training Center, and other resources are available for East County businesses.

HR Resources such as the San Diego Workforce Partnership is available for employers in San Diego County.

Financial Assistance is available for small-to-large businesses through our bank members.  This includes non-traditional financing.

Workforce Assistance training is available for companies needing to hire or train individuals. On-the-job training funds and customized training programs that pay up to 50% of an employees wages can be allocated. In addition, layoff aversion strategies can be discussed with companies and no-cost resources are available for companies laying-off employees.


For more information or questions, contact the East County Economic Development Council at (619) 258-3670 or email Quentin Sanders at