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Aerotropolis Feasibility Study Final Report

Brown Field – South County Economic Development Council
Gillespie Field – East County Economic Development Council

This project undertook an assessment of the feasibility of an aerotropolis concept for two of San Diego County, California’s regional airports: Gillespie Field Airport in the east County and Brown Field Municipal Airport in the South County.

Funded by the U.S. Economic Development Administration and matching local sources (including the San Diego Foundation for the Gillespie Field study), each organization formed an Aerotropolis Steering Committee to guide/contribute to study development and invite wide- reaching stakeholder input. The committees determined that the starting scenarios for each airport-adjacent region were sufficiently diverse that two, separate and independent feasibility studies would be produced, one for Gillespie Field and one for Brown Field.

The report is contained in one document linked by a Unifying Executive Summary with the Gillespie Field study and the Brown Field study separated by divider sheets. The two-study approach permits the aerotropolis concept for each sub-region to be circulated, and promoted, independently of the other.


The East County EDC is working strategically with its partners to develop an Aerotropolis plan for the area surrounding Gillespie Field. This plan is still in the concept phase.

Gillespie Field is number one in the number of operations in San Diego County airports. It generates enough revenues to cover operations at all of San Diego’s regional airports; this derives not just from the airport operations but from the property taxes on the surrounding industrial area. With 55 acres of aviation use (Cajon Air Center) and 37 acres (Forrester Creek and Marshall Ave) of industrial use land available for development there is a tremendous opportunity for this area.

Please review the available fact sheets by clicking here: Aerotropolis Fact Sheets or CA DOT Aerotropolis Fact Sheets

More information regarding Gillespie Field’s viability as a business hub is available in the Caltrans Airport Forecasting Study.

To view the Aerotropolis Library, please click here:  Aerotropolis

The East County EDC’s Gillespie Field Committee has taken the lead for this vision. This website will be updated as we move to the planning stages. To join the next Gillespie Field Committee meeting please contact James Sly at (619) 258-3670 or email


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